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CONTACT: kristynapil@seznam.cz

732 773 713

I am an artist with a creative soul and I offer making illustrations for texts as well as writing itself. I am interested in possibilities of text visualization. For me, images are a kind of a language. A message of an image is important to me, as is the interaction between the image, its creator and viewer.

What I am offering:

Illustration – pictures for literature, poetry, educational materials, etc.

Art services – painting, drawing, collages, logos, bookbinding.

Writing texts – texts and reviews on artistic topics (fine arts, literature, theater and film), I prefer the field of humanities and education, I am interested in ethics, religion, interreligious relations and theology.

I have good rhetorical and presentation skills and I can hold interviews. I also speak German and English. After 15 years spent in education, I now professionally return to the visual arts and exhibiting my own work. I have been teaching mainly languages ​​(Latin, German, Czech for foreigners) and externally working as a teacher of theological ethics at Charles University in Prague.

You can check my work on my website, in local gallery and on Instagram.

Solo exhibitions

2020, Café Záhorský, Prague

2020, Prostor 39, Prague

2018, Champagneria, Prague

2013, Galllery U Stromečku, Zbraslav

2010, Gallery Barrandov, Prague

2009, art design of a stand at Kirchentag in Bremen

2007, Tearoom Školská, Prague

2007, Evangelical church Soběhrdy, district of Benešov

2006, Town Hall Plzeň

2005, Café Velbloud, Dobříš

2005, Gallery Apokryf of Protestant theological faculty, Prague

Group exhibitions

2015, Zbraslav

2007, House of Culture Dobříš

2005, Passau, Germany

2005, University gallery Pilsen

2001, House of Culture Dobříš

1999, House of Culture Dobříš


2010–2015, Charles University in Prague, Protestant Theological faculty, Department of theological ethics, postgraduate education. Subject of dissertation: Světový étos a Bahá’u’lláhův světový řád (zhodnocení dvou životních modelů). Finished with dissertation defense and state postgraduate exam, gaining academic title Th.D.

2014, Protestant Theological faculty in Wien.

2012–2013, Protestant Theological faculty in Munich.

2006–2007, Protestant Theological faculty in Wien (Erasmus).

2003–2009, Charles University in Prague, Protestant Theological faculty, master’s degree study of protestant theology. Subject of diploma thesis: Vědomí viny jako cesta k Dobru. Finished with diploma thesis defense and state exam, gaining academic title Mgr.

1999–2004, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Faculty of Education, master’s degree, Učitelství výtvarné kultury pro střední školy. Subject of diploma thesis: Kreslený a grafický cyklus na literární téma. Finished with diploma thesis defense and state exam, gaining academic title Mgr.